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An organ while in the abdominal cavity with two roles. The primary is surely an exocrine part: to supply digestive enzymes and bicarbonate, which can be delivered to the small intestine via the pancreatic duct.

A way of prenatal analysis wherein placental tissues are sampled and analyzed to detect certain genetic and congenital defects within the fetus.

The 2nd version of the greatest-marketing AQA GCSE French course, intently reflecting the construction of the AQA specification. This devoted increased-tier pupil reserve and on the net help deliver motivating information pitched at just the ideal stage.

An unborn or unhatched offspring of the mammal, specifically, an unborn human greater than 8 weeks just after conception

a kingdom of eukaryotic unicellular living organisms that happen to be neither animals nor crops; involves some teams of algae, slime molds and protozoa

A measure of your extent to which two aspects change with each other, and so of how well both component predicts the opposite.

An electrical product for stimulating or steadying the heartbeat or reestablishing the rhythm of the arrested coronary heart.

A haploid cell for instance an egg or sperm. Unite in the course of sexual reproduction to supply a diploid zygote.

Kerboodle generates A very blended Discovering solution. Packed with customisable Studying articles, evaluation components and reporting applications, Kerboodle enables you to seamlessly combine high-quality digital assets into your click here classroom. Kerboodle Homepage

A reproductive process that will involve just one father or mother and creates offspring which are similar to the father or mother.


Long-term liver condition characterised by substitution of liver tissue by fibrosis attributable to alcoholism, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and fatty liver disease. In essence scarring of the liver tissues.

Once you've placed your get you can get a confirmation e-mail from Education Umbrella. Soon following that Oxford University Press will send you one-way links and log in facts to the on the internet account.

If you wish to go back or commence attending university having said that are wanting economic fabric, you have the money for be knowledgeable the alternativ...

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